FluxCD与Flagger的掌握:完整的GitOps指南教程 (英文)



  • 掌握GitOps的核心原理和方法论,使用Git作为基础设施管理的单一真理源。
  • 在Kubernetes集群中安装和微调FluxCD,使用声明性配置自动化持续部署流程。
  • 利用FluxCD通过高级GitOps实践自动化和优化跨多个环境的应用部署。
  • 有效地将Git仓库用作通过FluxCD部署和管理Kubernetes资源的关键源。
  • 实施和管理详细的kustomizations,以有效地处理Kubernetes资源配置和同步。
  • 利用Flagger在Kubernetes中部署先进的渐进式交付策略,包括金丝雀发布和功能标志。
  • 使用Flagger配置和管理强大的金丝雀部署策略,以确保高可用性和迷你动画的用户影响。
  • 提高在FluxCD和Flagger部署中监控、诊断和解决问题的技能,以保持系统性能最佳状态。


  • Kubernetes的基本知识:了解Kubernetes的基本原理,如Pod、部署、服务和命名空间,将有助于学习者更有效地掌握课程概念。
  • 对Git和版本控制的熟悉:由于GitOps围绕着使用Git作为单一真理源,熟练掌握Git操作和工作流程至关重要。
  • 使用命令行界面(CLI)的经验:熟悉使用命令行工具是重要的,因为FluxCD和Flagger通常通过命令行操作来管理。
  • 访问Kubernetes环境:进行实践操作对于掌握FluxCD和Flagger至关重要,因此需要访问Kubernetes集群(如Minikube、kind或基于云的Kubernetes服务)。
  • 对初学者:如果您是新手,对Kubernetes或DevOps或GitOps感到困惑,不要气馁!课程将从基础概念开始,使您能够边学习边掌握基本知识。我们将提供资源和指导性教程,帮助您设置环境,并快速掌握必要的先决条件。




  • 实施FluxCD:学习如何设置和管理FluxCD,以自动化从Git仓库同步部署的过程。
  • 通过Flagger掌握渐进式交付:理解和实施渐进式交付策略,以确保新功能和部署的安全、分阶段的发布。
  • 深入研究持续集成和持续部署(CI/CD):使用FluxCD和Flagger共同创建一个强大的CI/CD流水线,与您现有的工具和工作流程集成。
  • 优化集群管理:使用一组配置管理多个Kubernetes集群,提高您的运营效率,减少错误。




  • 实践学习:参与实际场景和实践实验,模拟真实的挑战和解决方案。
  • 专家指导:从在Kubernetes环境和DevOps最佳实践方面拥有丰富经验的讲师那里获得见解。
  • 全面覆盖:从基本概念到高级策略,本课程涵盖了您需要了解的一切,以成为FluxCD和Flagger的熟练用户。


Mastering FluxCD and Flagger: A Complete GitOps Guide

Published 5/2024
Created by MUTHUKUMAR Subramanian
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Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 67 Lectures ( 7h 10m ) | Size: 3 GB

Master GitOps Principles, Configuration Management, Security, Progressive Delivery, Sync Strategies, and Monitoring

What you’ll learn:
Master the core principles and methodologies of GitOps, using Git as a single source of truth for infrastructure management.
Install and fine-tune FluxCD in a Kubernetes cluster to automate continuous deployment processes using declarative configurations.
Leverage FluxCD to automate and streamline application deployments across multiple environments through advanced GitOps practices.
Employ Git repositories effectively as the pivotal source for deploying and managing Kubernetes resources via FluxCD.
Implement and manage detailed kustomizations to efficiently handle Kubernetes resource configurations and synchronizations.
Utilize Flagger to deploy advanced progressive delivery strategies, including canary releases and feature flags, within Kubernetes.
Configure and manage robust canary deployment strategies using Flagger to ensure high availability and minimal user impact.
Enhance skills in monitoring, diagnosing, and resolving issues within FluxCD and Flagger deployments to maintain optimal system performance.

Basic Knowledge of Kubernetes: Understanding Kubernetes fundamentals such as pods, deployments, services, and namespaces will help learners grasp course concepts more effectively.
Familiarity with Git and Version Control: Since GitOps revolves around using Git as the single source of truth, proficiency in Git operations and workflows is crucial.
Experience with Command Line Interfaces (CLI): Comfort with using CLI tools is important as FluxCD and Flagger are typically managed through command-line operations.
Access to a Kubernetes Environment: Hands-on practice is essential for mastering FluxCD and Flagger, so access to a Kubernetes cluster (like Minikube, kind, or a cloud-based Kubernetes service) will be necessary.
For Beginners: If you’re new to Kubernetes or DevOps or GitOps, don’t be discouraged! The course will start with foundational concepts, making it accessible to those willing to learn the basics on the go. Resources and guided tutorials will be provided to help you set up your environment and get up to speed with necessary prerequisites.

Welcome to “Mastering FluxCD and Flagger: A Complete GitOps Guide,” where you will learn to harness the power of FluxCD and Flagger to revolutionize the way you manage and deploy applications in Kubernetes environments. This comprehensive course is designed to take you from a basic understanding of Kubernetes and GitOps principles to mastering advanced deployment techniques that improve reliability and scalability.Transform Your DevOps Workflow with Advanced GitOps TechniquesIn this course, you will:Implement FluxCD: Learn how to set up and manage FluxCD to automate the synchronization of your deployments directly from Git repositories.Master Progressive Delivery with Flagger: Understand and implement progressive delivery strategies to ensure safe, phased rollouts of new features and deployments.Deep Dive into Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Use FluxCD and Flagger together to create a robust CI/CD pipeline that integrates with your existing tools and workflows.Optimize Cluster Management: Manage multiple Kubernetes clusters with a single set of configurations, enhancing your operational efficiency and reducing errors.Course OverviewThe course starts with a fundamental review of what GitOps is and why it’s a transformative method for cloud-native environments. You’ll explore the architecture and components of FluxCD, learning how to install, configure, and use FluxCD to manage resources in a Kubernetes cluster effectively.From there, you’ll delve into the world of Flagger, discovering how to configure and manage canary deployments, feature flags, and A/B testing to enable smooth, risk-managed deployments. Each module is packed with real-world examples, hands-on labs, and best practices that will prepare you to implement and benefit from these tools in your daily operations.What Sets This Course Apart?Hands-On Learning: Engage with practical scenarios and hands-on labs that simulate real-life challenges and solutions.Expert Instruction: Gain insights from an instructor with extensive experience in Kubernetes environments and DevOps best practices.Comprehensive Coverage: From basic concepts to advanced strategies, this course covers everything you need to know to become proficient with FluxCD and Flagger.By the end of this course, you will have the skills to implement, manage, and optimize GitOps workflows using FluxCD and Flagger. You’ll be equipped to improve the reliability and efficiency of your software deployments, making you a valuable asset in any DevOps team.Enroll now and start your journey to mastering GitOps with FluxCD and Flagger!Course Completion BenefitsComplete the course with a thorough understanding of how to integrate and leverage FluxCD and Flagger in a production environment.Receive a certificate of completion that validates your expertise to employers and peers.Gain the confidence to implement progressive delivery techniques that minimize risks and enhance deployment success.Join us to transform your deployment strategies and advance your career in DevOps and cloud-native technologies!




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