终极60+小时iOS开发训练营视频课程 (英文)


发布日期:2024年5月 创建者:Muhammad Azam 格式:MP4 | 视频:h264, 1280×720 | 音频:AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2声道 类型:电子学习 | 语言:英语 | 时长:516讲 (61小时37分钟) | 大小:32 GB

从初学者到高级开发者!SwiftUI、MV模式、Core Data、SwiftData、Vapor、MapKit、测试、Combine等!


  • 掌握由Apple提供的现代声明式UI框架,轻松创建美观且响应迅速的用户界面。
  • 理解和实现Model-View设计模式,构建具有可扩展性、可维护性和可重用性的iOS应用。
  • 发掘Core Data的潜力,高效管理复杂数据模型,实现iOS应用中的无缝数据持久化。
  • 利用Swift的强大功能有效操作数据,包括排序、过滤和查询。
  • 将MapKit集成到iOS应用中,提供沉浸式和互动的地图体验,包括注释、覆盖和地理位置。
  • 学习iOS应用测试的最佳实践,包括单元测试、集成测试和UI测试,确保应用的可靠性和质量。
  • 探索Firebase服务,如Firestore、Authentication和Cloud Messaging,实现iOS应用中的实时数据同步和用户认证。
  • 使用Vapor进行服务器端Swift开发,构建健壮的Web API和后台服务,包括RESTful API、认证和数据库交互。


  • 熟悉变量、循环、条件语句和函数等编程概念。
  • 有Swift编程语言基础知识更佳,但不是必须的。
  • 拥有一台运行macOS的Mac电脑,因为iOS开发主要需要Xcode,而Xcode仅在macOS上可用。
  • 安装最新版本的Xcode,这是Apple用于iOS应用开发的集成开发环境(IDE),在Mac App Store免费提供。
  • 强烈的学习意愿和完成课程练习和项目的决心,以加强理解和技能发展。




  1. SwiftUI基础
    • 深入了解Apple提供的现代声明式UI框架SwiftUI。学习如何轻松创建美观且响应迅速的用户界面,利用SwiftUI的直观语法和强大功能。
  2. Model-View设计模式
    • 了解iOS开发中架构设计模式的重要性,掌握Model-View模式。探索如何构建具有可扩展性、可维护性和可重用性的应用。
  3. Combine框架
    • 学习如何在应用中使用Apple的响应式框架Combine。
  4. Core Data
    • 发掘Core Data的潜力,Apple的持久化数据存储框架。了解如何将Core Data无缝集成到你的应用中,高效管理复杂数据模型。
  5. Swift数据操作
    • 利用Swift的强大功能,在你的iOS应用中有效操作数据。探索数据处理的高级技术,包括排序、过滤和查询。
  6. MapKit集成
    • 学习如何将MapKit集成到你的应用中,提供沉浸式和互动的地图体验。探索注释、覆盖和地理位置等功能,创建位置感知应用。
  7. 测试方法
    • 掌握iOS开发中的测试艺术,确保应用的可靠性和质量。发现编写单元测试、集成测试和UI测试的最佳实践,验证应用的行为。
  8. Firebase集成
    • 探索Firebase,Google的全面应用开发平台,学习如何将其集成到你的iOS项目中。了解如何利用Firebase服务,如Firestore、Authentication和Cloud Messaging,实现实时数据同步和用户认证。
  9. 使用Vapor进行服务器端Swift开发
    • 深入了解使用Vapor进行服务器端Swift开发,这是一种强大的框架,用于构建Web API和后台服务。学习如何创建RESTful API、处理认证和使用服务器端Swift与数据库交互。

The Ultimate 60+ Hours iOS Development Bootcamp

Published 5/2024
Created by Mohammad Azam
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 516 Lectures ( 61h 37m ) | Size: 32 GB

Beginner to Senior Developer! SwiftUI, MV Pattern, Core Data, SwiftData, Vapor, MapKit, Testing, Combine and much more!

What you’ll learn:
Master the modern declarative UI framework provided by Apple to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces effortlessly.
Understand and implement the Model-View design pattern to structure iOS apps for scalability, maintainability, and reusability.
Unlock the potential of Core Data to efficiently manage complex data models and enable seamless data persistence within iOS applications.
Utilize Swift’s powerful features to manipulate data effectively, including sorting, filtering, and querying.
Integrate MapKit into iOS apps to provide immersive and interactive mapping experiences, including annotations, overlays, and geolocation.
Learn best practices for testing iOS applications, including unit tests, integration tests, and UI tests, to ensure reliability and quality.
Explore Firebase services such as Firestore, Authentication, and Cloud Messaging to enable real-time data synchronization and user authentication in iOS apps.
Dive into server-side Swift development using Vapor to build robust web APIs and backend services, including RESTful APIs, authentication, and database interact

Familiarity with programming concepts such as variables, loops, conditionals, and functions in any programming language.
Some prior experience or knowledge of Swift programming language basics would be beneficial, although not mandatory.
Access to a Mac computer running macOS, as iOS development primarily requires Xcode, which is only available on macOS.
Installation of the latest version of Xcode, Apple’s integrated development environment (IDE) for iOS app development, available for free on the Mac App Store.
A strong willingness to learn and dedication to completing the course exercises and projects to reinforce understanding and skills development.

Welcome to “The Ultimate iOS Development Bootcamp,” where your journey into the world of iOS app development begins. This comprehensive course, spanning over 60 hours of high-definition content, is meticulously crafted to guide you from novice to expert in the art of building powerful and intuitive iOS applications.What You’ll Learn:1. SwiftUI Fundamentals:Dive into the modern declarative UI framework provided by Apple, SwiftUI. Learn how to create beautiful and responsive user interfaces with ease, leveraging SwiftUI’s intuitive syntax and powerful features.2. Model-View Design Pattern:Understand the importance of architectural design patterns in iOS development and master the Model-View pattern. Explore how to structure your apps for scalability, maintainability, and reusability.3. Combine Framework: Learn how to use Apple’s Reactive Framework, Combine in your applications. 4. Core Data:Unlock the potential of Core Data, Apple’s framework for persistent data storage. Discover how to seamlessly integrate Core Data into your apps to manage complex data models efficiently.5. SwiftData Manipulation:Harness the power of Swift to manipulate data effectively within your iOS applications. Explore advanced techniques for data handling, including sorting, filtering, and querying.6. MapKit Integration:Learn how to integrate MapKit into your apps to provide immersive and interactive mapping experiences. Explore features such as annotations, overlays, and geolocation to create location-aware applications.7. Testing Methodologies:Master the art of testing in iOS development to ensure the reliability and quality of your applications. Discover best practices for writing unit tests, integration tests, and UI tests to validate your app’s behavior.8. Firebase Integration:Explore Firebase, Google’s comprehensive platform for app development, and learn how to integrate it into your iOS projects. Discover how to leverage Firebase services such as Firestore, Authentication, and Cloud Messaging for real-time data synchronization and user authentication.9. Server-Side Swift with Vapor:Dive into server-side Swift development with Vapor, a powerful framework for building web APIs and backend services. Learn how to create RESTful APIs, handle authentication, and interact with databases using Swift on the server side.Course Structure:- Structured Curriculum: Follow a carefully designed curriculum that progresses from foundational concepts to advanced topics, ensuring a seamless learning experience.- Expert Instruction: Benefit from expert instruction from industry professionals with years of experience in iOS development, who will guide you every step of the way.Who Is This Course For?Whether you’re a complete beginner eager to dive into iOS development or an experienced programmer looking to enhance your skill set, this bootcamp is for you. With its comprehensive coverage of iOS development topics, this course caters to learners of all levels. Embark on this exhilarating journey into the world of iOS app development and unlock your potential to create innovative and impactful applications. Join us in “The Ultimate iOS Development Bootcamp” and take the first step towards building a successful career as an iOS developer.




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