3Ds max 和 Lumion 外部 3D 建模和渲染视频教程 (英文)


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成为3D渲染专家:3ds Max和Lumion室外设计师、建筑师和三维艺术家的工作坊课程


  • 如何快速轻松地制作摩天大楼的三维模型!
  • 如何将摩天大楼放置在城市氛围中,并在几秒钟内制作逼真的渲染!
  • 新!立即获得最新的3ds Max + Lumion技术。
  • 下载!3ds Max场景文件,用于开发您自己的项目。
  • 在不到1小时的时间内创建您的第一个逼真渲染,即使没有先前经验。
  • 课程结束时,您将为您的作品集渲染出5张以上逼真的图片。
  • 掌握在专业环境中使用3ds Max和Lumion的信心。
  • 准备好发布:使用顶级设计工作室中使用的后期制作技术完善您的渲染。
  • 通过简单易行的步骤,从零开始将您的3D渲染知识提升到专业水平。
  • 职业导向:建立和发展您作为三维艺术家的职业的策略和技巧。
  • 提高您的照明工作流程。
  • 访问仅限学生的小组以提问并获得支持。
  • 掌握3ds Max基础知识:熟练使用核心工具和功能进行移动、创建、照明和渲染。
  • 定期添加新内容!
  • 您将学习建模、映射、材质、照明和渲染的基本工具。
  • 您将能够从您的CGI技能中开始赚钱。
  • 您将创建自己的3D渲染工作室场景。
  • 加速工作流程:自定义3ds Max脚本,将项目时间缩短高达80%。
  • 从头开始创建逼真的图像。
  • 一贯令人惊叹:掌握可靠地生成逼真图像的方法。
  • 了解专业人士用来脱颖而出的秘诀。
  • 系统成功:掌握系统方法,以简化每个3D项目。
  • 了解专业工作室的工作原理。
  • 专业工作流程:采用日常专业技术进行顶级三维渲染。
  • 拥有在三维渲染行业工作所需的技能。
  • 提升您的渲染:增强您的3D工作质量和真实感的技术。
  • 资源来源:关于查找和选择最佳三维模型的专家建议
  • 您将可以舒适地浏览3ds Max,并使用Lumion渲染出逼真的图像。
  • 室内建模精通:精确地从零开始制作复杂的3D室内。
  • 值得展示的项目组合:构建一个引人注目的作品集,展示您的最佳作品
  • 以及更多!


您需要安装3ds Max和Lumion软件才能跟随课程。 在3dsmax和Lumion软件中有一点经验,但不需要专业经验。


通过终极3ds Max + Lumion课程提升您的3D渲染技能加入热情的室外设计师、建筑师和3D艺术家社区,掌握逼真的3D渲染艺术。这门课程是深入学习使用3ds Max和Lumion创建令人惊叹的视觉效果的课程,适合任何想在逼真的3D渲染和3D可视化领域取得成功的人。为什么选择这门课程?从入门到进阶:无论您是刚开始还是正在完善您的技能,本课程涵盖了从基本设置到高级逼真的3D渲染技术的一切。实践项目:在现实场景中应用您的学习,随着您的进步构建强大的

3Dsmax And Lumion Exterior 3Dmodeling And Rendering

Published 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920×1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz
Language: English | Size: 1.52 GB | Duration: 0h 56m

Become a 3D Rendering Pro: The 3ds Max and Lumion workshop Course for Exterior Designers, Architects, and 3d Artists

What you’ll learn
How to make 3d models of the skyscraper very fast and easy!
How to place the skyscraper in an urban atmosphere and make realistic renders in seconds!
NEW! Gain instant access to the latest 3ds Max + Lumion techniques.
DOWNLOAD! 3ds Max scene files to use to develop your own projects.
Create your first photorealistic render in less than 1 hour, even with no prior experience.
By the end of the course, you’ll have rendered out 5+ photorealistic images for your portfolio.
Master the confidence to use 3ds Max and Lumion in a professional setting.
Get publication-ready: Polish your renders with post-production techniques used in top design studios.
Take your 3D rendering knowledge from zero to professional by following the easy-to-follow steps.
Career-focused: Strategies and tips to build and advance your career as a 3D artist.
Improve your lighting workflow.
Access to the student only group to ask questions and get support.
Master 3ds Max Fundamentals: Navigate the core tools and functions to move, create, light, and render with confidence.
New content added regularly!
You’ll learn the essential tools for modelling, mapping, materials, lighting and rendering.
You will be able to start earning money from your CGI Skills.
You will create your own 3D rendering studio scene.
Speed Up Workflow: Custom 3ds Max scripts to slash your project time by up to 80%.
Create photo realistic images from scratch.
Consistently Stunning: Acquire the know-how for reliably producing photo-realistic images.
Know the secrets the professionals use to stand out from the crowd.
Systematic Success: Master a systems approach to streamline every 3D project.
Understand how professional studios work.
Pro Workflows: Adopt day-to-day professional techniques for top-tier 3D renders.
Have the skills needed to work in the 3D rendering industry.
Elevate Your Renders: Techniques to enhance the quality and realism of your 3D work.
Resource Sourcing: Expert tips on finding and selecting the best 3D models for your scenes
You’ll be comfortable navigating 3ds Max and rendering photo real images with Lumion.
Interior Modeling Mastery: Craft intricate 3D interiors from scratch with precision.
Portfolio-Worthy Projects: Build a compelling portfolio that showcases your best work
and so much more!

You will need 3ds Max and Lumion software installed to follow along.
a bit of experience in 3dsmax and lumion software, but no need professional experiences

Transform Your 3D Rendering Skills with the Ultimate 3ds Max + Lumion CourseJoin a community of passionate exterior Designers, Architects, and 3D Artists in mastering the art of photorealistic 3D rendering. this course is a deep dive into creating stunning visuals using 3ds Max and Lumion for anyone looking to excel in photorealistic 3D rendering and 3D visualization.Why Choose This Course?Beginner to Advanced: Whether you’re starting or refining your skills, this course covers everything from basic setup to advanced photorealistic 3d rendering techniques.Practical Projects: Apply your learning in real-world scenarios, building a strong portfolio as you progress.Course Highlights:Expert Guidance: Learn from an industry expert with over 15 years of experience.Practical Projects: Hands-on experience in creating photorealistic 3D renderings using 3ds Max and Lumion.Interactive Community: Engage with fellow artists in our private online group for feedback and support.Professional Advancement: Whether for professional development or personal projects, elevate your rendering capabilities to industry standards.Key 资源特色:Over 10 hours of detailed tutorials focusing on 3ds Max and Lumion.Access to a private online group for 3D visualization enthusiasts.Downloadable resources including 3ds Max scenes.Enroll and Excel:Tailored Learning: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced user, this course caters to all skill levels.Create a Remarkable Portfolio: Learn to create industry-standard photorealistic renders.Your Path to Mastery:Start Creating Now: No prior experience needed. Jump right into creating photorealistic images with our step-by-step guidance.Build a Remarkable Portfolio: Showcase your skills with a portfolio of high-quality renders.Gain Confidence and Clients: Learn the secrets of the industry to produce standout work.Start Your Journey in 3D Rendering: Join the Ultimate 3ds Max + Lumion Photorealistic 3D Rendering Course today. Who this course is for:Students and aspiring CGI artistsPhotographers and designersCGI ProfessionalsInterior Designers, Architects, 3D Generalists3D Visualization Artists, 3D Artists, 3Ds Max Users3D Visualisation ArtistsNew and experienced 3ds Max users who want to create photo realistic 3D renderings.Anyone who would like to make money creating photo realistic 3d renderings.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 3dmodeling part 1

Lecture 3 3dmodeling part 2

Lecture 4 3d rendering part 1

Lecture 5 3d rendering part 2

students and architects who want to visualize their projects as soon as possible in highest quality ever




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