ReactJS初学者视频教程:AI项目,Redux,Hooks等 (英文)


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•掌握使用React Hooks,包括useState、useEffect和自定义Hooks以实现可重用逻辑

•实现React Router以轻松创建动态的多页面应用程序

•从头开始创建一个使用OpenAI API的AI简历生成器应用程序,提供逐步指导




•成为构建React + AI项目的专家











ReactJS for Beginners with AI Projects: Redux, Hooks, etc

Published 6/2024
Created by Shanjai Raj
MP4 | Video: h264, 1280×720 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English | Duration: 19 Lectures ( 4h 28m ) | Size: 1.92 GB

Learn ReactJS from scratch as a Beginner! Learn Redux, Hooks, Build a AI Resume Generator with OpenAI + more!

What you’ll learn:
Learn the Fundamentals of React, understanding JSX syntax and how to create and manage components
Gain expertise in using React hooks, including useState, useEffect, and custom hooks for reusable logic
Implement React Router to create dynamic, multi-page applications with ease
Create a AI Resume generator App using OpenAI API from scratch with step-by-step guidance
Build a portfolio-ready project that showcases your skills and sets you apart in the tech industry
Go from Building Basic Todo applications to building AI Applications by yourself
Master the Fundamentals to be able to do any React Project
Become an expert in building React + AI Projects
Join over 200,000 people who found these Videos Helpful on Youtube

You need to have some experience in HTML and CSS
Having experience in Javascript is a PLUS, not a must
No need to have prior experience with React or other Javascript Frameworks

Hey! Hope you’re doing well. Welcome to this ReactJS Complete Course with AI Projects course. This course teaches you  React, one of the most sought-after frameworks, and leverage AI to create impactful applications. Whether you’re starting your journey in web development or looking to enhance your existing skills, this course is designed to provide you with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to excel.Welcome to this ReactJS Complete Course with AI Projects Course!Welcome to the course, where we dive headfirst into the exciting world of web development, specifically focusing on React and AI integration. If you’re someone who’s been curious about building dynamic, cutting-edge applications but felt intimidated by the idea of not having any prior experience, then you’re in the right place!I’m thrilled to invite you to join us on this journey where we’ll explore React from the ground up, alongside integrating AI technologies into our projects. And hey, if you’re worried about not having any experience, don’t worry about that! This course is designed for beginners, so whether you’re a seasoned pro or a complete newbie, you’ll feel right at home here.Have been able to share my knowledge with OVER 600,000 people!With my own YouTube channel, which has amassed over 600,000 combined views and 3000+ subscribers, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to share my knowledge with thousands of people just like you. So rest assured, you’re in good hands. Some comments from people who found the videos helpful:”very helpful video and easy to understand…””What an Awesome way and literally really easy to understand Redux just because of your watching video,…””Only just seen this video – great introduction as a beginner for me”What will you learn in this course?Fundamentals of React:Understand the basics of React, including JSX syntax.Learn to create and manage components efficiently.Gain expertise in using React hooks such as useState and useEffect.Explore custom hooks for reusable logic.Advanced React Concepts:Implement React Router to create dynamic, multi-page applications.Master state management with Redux, including Reducers, Actions, and Redux Store.Learn to persist state with Redux Persist and Redux Thunk.Building Real-World Projects:Create a functional Todo App as your first project.Step-by-step guidance to build an AI Resume Generator using the OpenAI API.Understand how to handle user inputs and API responses effectively.Integrating AI Technologies:Learn to integrate OpenAI API for generating professional resumes.Pass user inputs through prompts and use ternary operators to create dynamic resumes.Add functionalities such as creating resumes and showing each resume on a new page.Enhancing Your ApplicationsUse popular React libraries and packages like Axios, Radix UI, and React-spring.Implement advanced routing techniques and dynamic data rendering.Learn about styling libraries and enhance the visual appeal of your applications.Why are there AI Integration projects in this Beginner React Course?In today’s tech world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is like a superpower that makes applications smarter and more helpful. That’s why we’re integrating AI into our React project. It’s not just about keeping up with the latest trends; it’s about preparing you for the future.Older courses may teach React fundamentals or AI concepts in isolation.But our course takes it a step further by showing you how to blend these technologies seamlessly. This unique approach not only sets our course apart but also gives you a broader skill set and a deeper understanding of how these technologies can work together to create powerful applications.By learning to use AI with React, you’ll be ahead of the game. Companies are looking for people who can build smart applications, and knowing how to work with AI gives you a big advantage. It’s like having a secret weapon in your toolkit.So, by joining our course and mastering AI with React, you’re not only learning a cool new skill but also setting yourself apart in the tech world. You’ll be ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way and stand out from the crowd!What Sets This Course Apart?Comprehensive Learning Path: Unlike other courses that may only skim the surface, this course provides an in-depth understanding of React, from basics to advanced concepts, ensuring you build a solid foundation.Direct into practical coding: Surely theory is important. But it’s more important to simply start coding, find errors, and fix them along the way. This way you get the real-world experience of how it is to build products from scratch.Real-World Projects: This course doesn’t just teach you theory; you’ll apply your skills to build a fully functional Todo App and an AI-powered Resume Generator, giving you hands-on experience.AI Integration: While many courses focus solely on React, this course uniquely incorporates AI technologies, teaching you how to integrate the OpenAI API into your projects.Step-by-Step Guidance: Each project is broken down into manageable steps with clear instructions, making complex concepts easy to understand and implement.Taught over 600,000 total viewers through the YouTube channel: Learn from an instructor with extensive experience and join over 500,000 satisfied learners who have benefited from their YouTube videos.Who This Course is For? (it’s for you!)Aspiring Web Developers: Kickstart your career with one of the most popular frameworks.Experienced Developers: Enhance your skillset with advanced React and AI concepts.Tech Enthusiasts: Dive into the exciting world of AI-powered development.Career Changers: Transition into a dynamic new career in web development.Students and Professionals: Stand out with cutting-edge skills and a portfolio-ready project.What are you waiting for? Join our course and discover the power of React combined with AI integration in a language that’s easy to understand. You’ll learn to create amazing projects that showcase your newfound skills and set you apart in the tech world. With hands-on guidance and real-world projects, you’ll gain the confidence to take on any challenge that comes your way.I’ll see you in the course!- Shanjai




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