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InventorCAM 是一个为 Autodesk Inventor 设计的集成 CAM 解决方案。它提供了一系列的加工策略,如 2.5 轴、3 轴、4 轴、5 轴、转塔和线切割。此外,它还提供了高效的 iMachining 技术,这是一个独特的加工策略,可以显著减少加工时间和延长刀具寿命。
Autodesk Inventor CAM 是一款专业的零件加工软件,使用软件可以帮助大家在电脑上设计零件加工方案,软件主要为机械制造提供了自动化编程以及零件设计功能,适合工厂和设计师使用,是一款适用于Inventor的2.5、3、3+2轴铣削车削和探测附加模块。通过CAD嵌入式2.5轴到5轴铣削,车削和铣削功能简化了加工工作流程。仅作为产品设计和制造系列的一部分提供。软件包含了多个cam设计功能,为我们包含高速曲面铣削、多面体加工、高级车铣符合等功能模块,拥有无与伦比的材质加工功能,完美的数控机床仿真功能,是行业中一款不可多得的CAM软件,可延长刀具寿命,无缝集成Autodesk和SolidWorks等软件,在实际应用中,Inventor CAM 可以实现小批量自定义产品,利用集成 CAD/CAM 的灵活性将客户的 3D 数据、图纸或创意变为现实。当然还可以创建定制赛车零部件,赛车团队可以使用Inventor CAM创建自己的高速赛车零部件, 相较于购买现成的零部件,这样做更加灵活、所需成本更少。另外医疗植入物制造商使用Inventor CAM 可以为复杂设计创建刀具路径,使得公司能够在内部实施医疗植入物制造。用户可以在软件上直接添加CAD模型,随后在软件修改和优化零件,支持刀具配置,支持刀路设计,支持多轴加工,支持多轴铣削,具有的功能非常多。InventorCAM 2023 SP0 for Autodesk Inventor 2018-2023 (x64) Multilingual

InventorCAM 2023 正式发布!

InventorCAM无缝集成于Autodesk Inventor,为CNC编程提供最佳的CAM解决方案


  • 工作在现有的CAD系统:无缝集成于Autodesk Inventor
  • 与Inventor的模型完全相关联:设计发生改变,相应的刀路也会自动更新。
  • 消除导入/导出的挑战:节省大量的时间和避免错误
  • 让你快速掌握:极短的学习周期,因为你已经熟悉Inventor的界面,SolidCAM与Inventor的界面相似,并运行在Inventor中
  • 获得全部画面:SolidCAM在CAD装配工作模式下以图形方式显示夹具、刀具虎钳的模拟仿真


  • 认证:自从2005年InventorCAM就被Autodesk Inventor认证为CAM合作伙伴
  • InventorCAM伴随着你成长:InventorCAM扩展性非常强,并支持全部CNC机床的应用
  • InventorCAM让您用最少的钱办最多的事:无缝集成的CAD/CAM解决方案- Inventor + InventorCAM更具有价格优势

InventorCAM 的功能

SolidCAM与SOLIDWORKSAutodesk Inventor无缝集成,并直接在CAD系统中运行,SolidCAM与CAD模型完全相关联,模型发生改变,相应的刀路也会自动更新。


  • 为所有的CNC应用提供完整的CAM解决方案
  • 在现有CAD系统下工作:无缝集成于SOLIDWORKS和Autodesk Inventor
  • 节约时间和减少失败:消除导入/导出的挑战
  • 快速提升SolidCAM水平:极短的学习周期,因为你已经熟悉SolidCAM接口,它就在您的CAD系统中运行
  • 获得全部画面: SolidCAM可以在CAD装配体工作模式下以图形方式定义夹具、刀具和虎钳
  • SolidCAM与您一起成长:SolidCAM扩展性非常强,适用于所有类型CNC机床和应用
  • SolidCAM为您赚更多的钱:无缝集成的CAD/CAM解决方案- SOLIDWORKS+SolidCAM更具有价格优势



  • iMachining节约70%甚至更多数控加工时间
  • iMachining极大的延长切削刀具的使用使命
  • iMachining独有的专利工艺向导 为我们提供最佳的进给和转速,还考虑刀路、毛坯、刀具材料和机床规格


File Size: 5.6 GB

InventorCAM is a new generation CAD / CAM system developed by Israeli firm SolidCAM Ltd (Official distributor in Russia – Consistent Software). This system is a complete solution for automation of metalworking production. With the use of a wide range of strategies offered by InventorCAM for turning, milling, turning-milling and electro-erosion machining, a technologist can quickly prepare the necessary set of control programs for machining a product.

InventorCAM Functionality
Support for 64bit calculations due to the availability of a special version for SW 64bit
2.5-axis milling
InventorCAM provides high efficiency and accuracy of 2.5-axis milling of parts. Different processing strategies for elements such as contour, sampling (with islands) and groove, as well as various types of hole machining are supported: drilling, reaming, threading, etc. The system has a wide range of possibilities for 2.5-coordinate processing of analytical surfaces.

3-axis milling
InventorCAM provides a wide range of tools that can be effectively used to handle products with complex geometries (stamps, molds) and prismatic parts. As a geometry for 3-axis machining a three-dimensional surface or solid model is used. The system supports various types of roughing and finishing strategies, such as raster processing with a specified or automatically determined angle of the raster, equidistant processing, projection processing, processing on waterlines, etc.
In addition to the already listed features of 2.5- and 3-axis machining, InventorCAM offers tools for identifying and modifying sites that were not processed in previous transitions. It is possible to create a database of standard technological processes. Once created, this parameterized technological process can be repeatedly used in the future, which significantly reduces the time of preparation of production, increases the reliability of the developed programs, unifies the style of technological development, guarantees the use of only optimal processing technologies and ensures the production independence from the human factor. The absence of cuttings is guaranteed by the presence of means of control and visualization of machining.
Multi-axis machining
InventorCAM offers various means of creating control programs for multi-axis machining at 4- and 5-axis machining centers. The model is installed in the user defined processing plane, after which the system automatically calculates all the necessary displacement and rotation parameters for the workpiece zero. As a result, the preparatory-final transition time is significantly reduced and the accuracy of processing is increased.

Turning and turning-milling processing
InventorCAM has a wide range of functions for automating the creation of control programs for turning and turning and milling. InventorCAM supports various types of tools, which allows you to effectively produce longitudinal turning, trimming, grooving, etc. In addition, InventorCAM allows you to automatically produce roughing and finishing of complex contours. Support for the rotating tool allows you to perform milling and drilling transitions at machining centers.

Electroerosive processing
The InventorCAM set of strategies for wire EDM allows the processing of external and internal contours with a constant and variable angle of inclination. There is a possibility of 4-axis machining. A special algorithm prevents the falling of the processed material. InventorCAM provides the user with the means to control the physical processing parameters along the entire path of the wire.

ATTENTION! Users of Delcam PowerMILL 2015-2016 under Multikey key emulator!
Version Multikey Emulator 18.1.0 64-bit in this release is NOT compatible with Delcam PowerMILL 2015-2016!
The solution for installing both SolidCAM and PowerMILL on the same computer under Multikey is in the distribution of PowerMILL 2016-but the version of the emulator laid out there assumes the mandatory loading of Windows into the test mode, which is not required with the version of the emulator from this distribution.



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