Domestika – Adobe Illustrator入门视频教程 (英文)

Domestika – Adobe Illustrator入门

最后更新:2024年5月 格式:MP4 | 视频:h264, 1920×1080 | 音频:AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2声道 类型:电子学习 | 语言:英语 + srt字幕 | 时长:77课 (10小时9分钟) | 大小:2.85 GB

学习Adobe Illustrator并在没有任何先前知识的情况下创建最佳矢量图形


如果你希望以专业技能将你的矢量项目带入生活,无论是在印刷或数字格式,这个由设计师和插画师Aarón Martínez教授的六门课程的Domestika基础课程将是你的理想选择。了解软件的工作原理,从零开始学习如何使用工具,并通过各种实用练习应用你所学到的一切。


  1. 界面熟悉
    • 了解界面,学习如何从零创建文档,并制作你的第一条矢量线以创建基本形状。
  2. 几何世界
    • 使用路径查找器工具变换图形,自由地创建新图形。
  3. 关键工具掌握
    • 掌握铅笔、画笔和钢笔等关键工具,以便在Illustrator中轻松工作。一旦理解其工作原理,了解如何通过矢量化图像的不同方式进行数字化。
  4. 颜色使用
    • 了解软件中的颜色使用,解释CMYK和RGB颜色模式之间的区别及其基本特征。创建Pantone®颜色调色板,发现如油漆桶工具,使用路径查找器、线性和径向渐变、混合模式和效果等工具来实现独特的效果。
  5. 文本工作
    • 学习如何对文本进行任何形状的修改。从创建线性文本到盒子内文本,再到将两者结合在图形中进行操作。
  6. 编辑排版
    • 学习如何编辑排版以及定义字距调整、字符间距、字重和行距。接下来,探索如何在段落中排列文本,并进行对齐、两端对齐等。
  7. 工作区定制
    • 了解如何通过配置特定的个人资料来定制工作区,并听取Aarón提供的一些高级提示,以改进工作流程,以适应特定项目的需求。
  8. 打印与导出
    • 了解最常用的打印格式和适用于社交网络的理想数字格式,以及学习如何导出PDF文件以供打印并进行压缩,以防止文档被更改或失去质量。


  • 一台运行Windows 7(或更高版本)或macOS 10.12(Sierra)的计算机。
  • Adobe Illustrator CC(你可以购买或在Adobe网站上下载为期七天的试用版)。
  • 推荐使用图形平板,但不是必需的。

通过本课程,你将掌握使用Adobe Illustrator创建专业矢量图形所需的一切技能,准备好提升你的设计项目到一个新的高度。

Domestika – Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Last updated 5/2024
MP4 | Video: h264, 1920×1080 | Audio: AAC, 44.1 KHz, 2 Ch
Genre: eLearning | Language: English + srt | Duration: 77 Lessons ( 10h 9m ) | Size: 2.85 GB

Learn Adobe Illustrator and create optimum vector graphics without any prior knowledge

If you want to bring your vector projects to life with professional expertise, whether in print or digital formats, this six-course Domestika Basics taught by designer and illustrator Aarón Martínez is for you. Discover how the software works, learn how to use the tools from scratch, and apply everything you learn throughout the course with a variety of practical exercises.

Start by getting familiar with the interface, see how to create a document from scratch, and then produce your first vector lines to create basic shapes.

Then enter the world of geometry using the Pathfinder tool to transform figures and create new ones with total freedom.

Master key tools such as Pencil, Brush, and Pen for working with ease in Illustrator. Once you understand how they work, see the different ways to digitize an image with vectors.

Learn all about color use in this software as Aarón explains the difference between the CMYK and RGB color modes and their basic characteristics. Create a Pantone® color palette, discover tools such as the Paint Bucket, and achieve unique results with Pathfinder, linear and radial gradients, Blending modes, and Effects.

See how to work on and modify a text to any shape. Start by creating a linear text and then a text inside a box before working them both in and around figures.

Learn how to edit typography as well as define kerning, tracking, weight, and line spacing. Next, explore how to arrange text in a paragraph, as well as align it, justify it, and more.

Discover how to customize your workspace by configuring a specific profile to your needs and hear some advanced tips from Aarón to improve your workflow to suit a particular project.

Finally, take a look at the most commonly used printing formats and ideal digital formats for social networks, as well as learn how to export a PDF file for printing and compress it to prevent the document from being altered or losing quality.

Technical Requirements
⦁ A computer with Windows 7 (or later) or macOS 10.12 (Sierra).
⦁ Adobe Illustrator CC (you can either buy it or download the seven-day trial version on the Adobe website.
⦁ A graphics tablet is also recommended but not essential.




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